To Kiss A King


Surely that which occupies the total time and heart of heaven must be a fitting pattern for earth

This series focuses around the central point of Christian -living: worship. The series will be composed of 8 weeks of deepening our understanding and getting a holistic view of worship so that we can experience peace, joy and the richness of living in God's presence. As Christian we have been given direct access to the throne room of heaven to minister to the heart of God, then to carry His love and power into a dark, hurting world.

Join us as we talk about:

  • What is praise and worship, and what is my part in them?
  • If I'm not a musician or singer, how can I lead other people into the presence of God?
  • How does my personal worship affect the kingdom of God on earth?

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Welcome To Our Community

At our church you can belong before you believe. Our approach is simple- the gospel should be heard from a trusted friend. Without Borders is the young adult ministry and service-engine of Oasis Church.

We recognize that about 2018 years ago, Jesus Christ walked this earth and demonstrated that he is the Messiah.

Agnostic people believe in God, historians believe in Jesus and true disciples believe in the Holy Spirit. Our group focuses to encourage people to ask questions and explore the truth and the joy of salvation.

We have a strict policy, no perfect people are allowed.

If you are looking for a place to live your faith without borders we hope to see you around.


Saturdays 7:00 pm

Young adults and leaders


2 Denman Avenue Clark, NJ


Culture Week 6
Culture week 5

No Perfect People Allowed